Natasha K. Hussain

  • Status: Scientific Director of Kavli NDI

  • Hometown: London, Ontario, Canada

  • Education:
    • McGill University, BSc. Biology and Environmental Science
    • McGill University, Montreal Neurological Institute, PhD. Neurology and Neurosurgery
    • MIT, Picower Institute, Post-doctoral Fellow

  • Personal Interests: Accomplished equestrian, I enjoy nature, as well as big cities, traveling, creating digital-art; consumer of writing, performance, and steak; recent unserious attempts at gardening and industrial-style art fabrication. Mostly, I enjoy turning laboratory research into innovation and work to make my children laugh every day.

  • Research Project:

    • Characterization of synaptic connectivity and strength regulated by post-translational modification of AMPAR subunits in disease model systems.

  • Publications:

    1. Hussain, N.K., Huganir, R.L. (in revision) Structure and Molecular Organization of the Postsynaptic Density. In G. Stuart, N. Spruston, and M. Hausser (Eds.), Dendrites. (3rd Edition) Oxford University Press.

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