Austin Graves

  • Position: Research Associate

  • Hometown: Saint Paul, MN

  • Education and training:
    • Postdoctoral Associate at Janelia Research Campus in Ashburn, VA
    • Ph.D in Neuroscience from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL
    • B.A. in Biological Chemistry from Grinnell College in Grinnell, IA

  • Research Projects:
    • In vivo imaging of AMPA receptor dynamics during learning
    • Longitudinal in vivo imaging of synaptic pathologies of Alzheimer’s disease

  • Selected Publications:

    1. Graves AR, Roth R, Tan H, Zhu Q, Bygrave A, Lopez-Ortega E, Spiegel A, Hong I, Johnson R, Vogelstein J, Tward D, Miller M, Huganir R (2020). Visualizing synaptic plasticity in vivo by large-scale imaging of endogenous AMPA receptors. eLife.

    2. Tan H, Roth R, Graves AR, Cudmore R, Huganir R (2020). Lamina-specific AMPA receptor dynamics following visual deprivation in vivo. eLife.

    3. Gao R, Asano S, Upadhyayula S, Pisarev I, Milkie DE, Liu T, Singh V, Graves AR, Huynh G, Zhao Y, Bogovic J, Colonell J, Ott C, Zugates C, Tappan S, Rodriguez A, Mosaliganti K, Sheu S, Pasolli A, Pang S, S, Megason S, Hess H, Schwartz JL, Hantman A, Rubin GM, Kirchhausen T, Saalfeld S, Aso Y, Boyden E, Betzig E (2019). Cortical column and whole-brain imaging with molecular contrast and nanoscale resolution. Science, 363(6424)

    4. Guo JZ, Graves AR, Guo WW, Zheng J, Lee A, Rodriguez-Gonzalez J, Li N, Macklin JJ, Phillips JW, Mensh BD, Branson K, Hantman A (2015). Cortex commands the performance of skilled movement. eLife, e10774

    5. Panigrahi B, Martin K, Li Y, Graves AR, Vollmer A, Olson L, Mensh BD, Karpova AY, Dudman JT (2015). Dopamine is required for the neural representation and control of movement vigor. Cell, 162(6): 1418-30.

    6. Graves AR, Moore SJ, Bloss EB, Mensh B, Kath WL, Spruston N (2012). Hippocampal pyramidal neurons two distinct cell types that are countermodulated by metabotropic receptors. Neuron, 76(4): 776-89

    7. Graves AR, Curran P, Smith CL, and Mindell J (2008). The Cl/H antiporter ClC-7 is the primary chloridepermeation pathway in lysosomes. Nature, 453(7196): 788-92

    8. Graves AR, Lewin KA, Lindgren CA (2004). Nitric oxide, cAMP, and the biphasic muscarinic modulation ofACh release at the lizard neuromuscular junction. J Physiology, 559(2): 423-32